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Easy Content, you can add, edit and delete text and images on your website.
All our websites are delivered with easy content management as standard. This means that you have the ability to easily update text and images on your site however & whenever you wish!

At You In Control we understand that it's not just about delivering a website but also about keeping that website up to date with your latest information, we also understand that you may not have the necessary technical skills or budget to regularly do this.

That's why we design and deliver all our websites complete with an easy content management feature which gives you everything you need to control the text and images displayed on your web pages. What's more you can update your web pages from any machine with internet access without the need for special skills or software and at no extra cost!

Here's how...
  1. Visit your website and log in using the username and password we will provide.
  2. Make changes to the pages you want directly on the screen with the special forms we set up.
  3. Hit the save button and marvel at the live changes made instantly to your website pages.

With content management so easy you really are in control, allowing your website to evolve and reflect your ever changing world.
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